Math Surprise from WORLDiscoveries & the work of George Gadanidis

K-8 Math + Coding Workshops

Book a Math + Coding Workshop by Lisa Anne Floyd.

Bring math concepts to life + learn to code!

Based on book Coding for Young Mathematicians, by George Gadanidis & Lisa Anne Floyd.

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K-12 Math Workshops

Book a Workshop by Dr. George Gadanidis.

Research-based and classroom-tested strategies!

Help students experience math surprise and conceptual insight. With coding extensions.

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20 Math Stories

Conceptually rich. Emotionally engaging. Detailed lesson plans. In English, French & Spanish.

Grades K-8.

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Math & Coding Books

Engage students with powerful math ideas.

Use coding to dynamically model and bring math concepts to life.

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Math Surprise

Add conceptual surprise and insight. Engage students emotionally. Make math a wonderful story to share.


Coding apps bring concepts to life.

Dynamic modelling. Story-based contexts.

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