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Repeating Patterns + Code + Art ... [v2]

Can you guess the equation I'm thinking of?

By George Gadanidis & Chris Yiu. Development, research and outreach support from ORF-RE & SSHRC.

With thanks to Jerome Bruner and his work on Concept Formation (understanding that different concepts have different attributes) and Concept Attainment (understanding how the attributes determine what belongs and what does not).


What's the Equation?
Click on an equation to guess. Red ordered pairs belong to the equation.

Guesses Remaining:
Puzzle Number: 1 / 5

Puzzle Score: / 10
Game Score: / 50


x=3 y=3 y=3x y = x+3 y=2x+1 y=0.5x y=x2
x=2 y=2 y=2x y=x+2 y=-2x+1 y=-0.5x y=x2-5
x=1 y=1 y=x y=x+1 y=3x+1 y=0.25x y=-x2
x=0 y=0 y=-x y=x-1 y=-3x+1 y=-0.25x y=-x2+5
x=-1 y=-1 y=-2x y=x-2 y=2x-1 x2+y2=25
x=-2 y=-2 y=-3x y=x-3 y=-2x-1
x=-3 y=-3 y=3x-1