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George GadanidisMolly Gadanidis, and Lisa Anne Floyd.

Molly and George have been writing math and science stories for about ten years. Their stories have been incorporated into education programs across North America, to help students (and teachers) experience conceptual surprise and emotional engagement in mathematics.

LIsa and George have collaborated on the book, Coding for Young Mathematicians.

George is mathematics education professor at Western University. He spends many days each year in classrooms, collaborating with teachers to develop and research better ways of engaging young children with mathematics.

Molly is pursuing her love of learning at the University of Ottawa.

Lisa loves to share her passion for creative coding and digital making tools with students and teachers at school districts and educational conferences. She has many years of experience teaching math, computer science and experiential learning in the Thames Valley District School Board and also teaches in the Bachelor of Education program at Western University.


George Gadanidis on “Our Greatest Asset”


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