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Feedback from teachers

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Observing students:

  • “I notice the students are engaged – not just engaged in that they are interested in the content, but engaged in real thinking.”
  • “It’s neat that it changes and the students see their changes right away – they don’t have to wait for me to help tell them whether it’s right or wrong”.
  • “I thought they (the students) would give up, but I was so impressed that they persevered – they were determined to make their program work”.
  • “I liked that every student was being challenged, yet each student was experiencing success and wanted to keep going”.
  • “They came back in for recess and right away got back to testing out their programs and showing one another what they made with their code”.

Teacher experience:

  • “I like that we aren’t getting lost with the coding, and are focusing on developing understanding of the math”.
  • “It really does help me see the math in a different way”.
  • “I didn’t think of it (the math) like that”.
  • “It integrates with math very clearly – it doesn’t feel forced”.
  • “I like that there are opportunities to be creative, but we are still focused on math”.
  • “I found myself noticing things that I wasn’t expecting”.
  • “This makes me want to try more of these activities”.



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By George Gadanidis & Lisa Anne Floyd.

Coding offers these advantages

— makes math concepts “tangible”

— models them dynamically

— with Scratch, and with Python

Classroom-tested. Grades 1-8. 130 pages.



By George Gadanidis.

Use authentic computational modelling practices of scientists and professionals.

Bring math concepts and relationships to life.

With Scratch. And with Python.

Classroom-tested. Grades 6-10. 72 pages.



George Gadanidis on “Five As for Coding & Math”