Get PDF of each story for $5 each, in 3 languages (English, French & Spanish), with a detailed lesson plan & powerful instructional strategies. With coding extensions.

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1. Something odd – $5

Where do odd numbers hide?

Piggy discovers odd numbers hiding in squares. Where do even numbers hide?

Content (Gr. 1-8): odd & even numbers; growing patterns; multiple representations; Grades 1-8 — 34 pages

2. Who’s the Big Bad Wolf? – $2 – special offer!

Who is scaring children away from math. Is it you?

Hoodie loves math but overhears Mom say she hates it. When Wolf offers a math surprise Hoodie wonders: Will Mom approve?

Content (Gr. 1-8): math phobia; odd & even numbers; growing patterns; multiple representations — 42 pages

3. To Infinity & Beyond – $5

You can hold infinity in your hand!

Rapunzel is waiting in her tower for a prince to save her. But why does she not escape when the door is unlocked?

Content (Gr. 2-8): area representations of unit fractions; growing / shrinking patterns; infinity — 31 pages

4. Add it Up! – $5

Neat ways to add!

The boy who cried “Wolf!” meets Wolf in sheep’s clothing and learns neat ways of adding numbers in his head.

Content (Gr. 2-6): mental addition strategies; 2-digit numbers; expanded notation — 39 pages

5. Smart Multiplication – $5

Neat ways to multiply!

Fox gets the grapes using smart multiplication and a little help from Crow.

Content (Gr. 3-6): 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication strategies; mental computation — 42 pages

6. Smart Division – $5

Which division method is the fairest of all?

When the Queen’s mirror can’t decide whether her division method is the fairest of all, the Queen hosts a Division Festival.

Content (Gr. 3-8): alternative methods of division — 41 pages