Get PDF of each story for $5 each, in 3 languages (English, French & Spanish), with a detailed lesson plan & powerful instructional strategies. With coding extensions.


7. Colourful Patterns – $5

Repeating patterns on a grid

Hansel & Gretel love making repeating patterns with colourful candies. The witch in the forest shows them how to place their patterns on a grid. Should they be scared?

Content (K-3): repeating patterns; multiple representations; repeating patterns on a grid — 41 pages

8. Making 10, Stage 1 – $5

Random choices & staircase patterns!

Hoodie discovers patterns when making sums of 10. But something in Grandma’s house doesn’t add up!

Content (Gr. 1-3): addition fact families; visual / concrete representations of growing / shrinking patterns — 33 pages

9. Making 10, Stage 2 – $5

Random points line up?

Hoodie discovers graphical patterns when making sums of 10. But something in Grandma’s house doesn’t add up!

Content (Gr. 4-8): missing number sentences; plotting ordered pairs; patterns in graphs — 36 pages

10. Math Trains – $5

Growing patterns that change & stay the same

Piggy discovers growing patterns. When she plots them as bar graphs, some are steeper than others, and she wonders why.

Content (Gr. 1-8): growing patterns; parts that change or stay the same; multiple representations; variables & constants — 41 pages

11. Math Waves – $5

Circles make waves?

Hickety, dickety, dock, the mouse ran up the clock … and helped Peter discover math waves on clocks … and on car tires.

Content (Gr. 2-8): time; bar graphs; patterning — 43 pages

12. Scary Patio Patterns – $5

Patterns that grow at different rates

Wolf has a math problem involving patio stones of two different colours. Will Piggy be able to help?

Content (Gr. 4-8): growing patterns; area & perimeter relationships; rate of growth — 36 pages