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3. To Infinity & Beyond (gr. 3 and up): The prince solves a math puzzle and saves Rapunzel ... and helps her discover that infinity can fit in the palm of her hand. [area representations of fractions; patterning; number sense]

1. Something odd
2. Who's the Big Bad Wolf?
3. To infinity & beyond
4. Add it up!
5. Smart multiplication
6. Smart division

7. Colourful patterns
8. Making 10 - stage 1
9. Making 10 - stage 2
10. Math trains
11. Math waves
12. Scary patio patterns

13. Big party, small party
14. Wolf gets hurt
15. Do parallel lines meet?
16. Mirror, mirror
17. How big is a billion?
18. Elephants' big ears

19. Tortoise & hare rematch
20. How left-handed are you?



You can hold infinity in your hand!

Rapunzel is waiting in her tower for a prince to save her. But why does she stay in the tower when the door is open?

Content: area representations of unit fractions; patterning; infinity

31 pages