MATH BREAKS (Gr. 4-9) — $19

Add “math breaks” to your teaching repertoire.

Over 140 activities. Each may be completed in 5-15 minutes. On number sense, coordinate geometry and algebra.

— introduce a math topic or concept

— add variety

— for enrichment or remediation

— build conceptual understanding

— develop math thinking habits and skills.

Activities designed based on 4 powerful teaching models:

  1. Advance organizers (David Ausubel)
  2. Concept Attainment (Jerome Bruner)
  3. Concept Formation (Jerome Bruner)
  4. Inquiry Training (Richard Suchman)

Book comes with freely available puzzle / game apps also designed based on these models.

Classroom tested. Grades 4-9. 180 pages.



Surprise your students!

10 math surprises. Conceptually powerful. Emotionally engaging.

— for students

— for teachers

— for sharing with family and friends

— with coding extensions

Classroom-tested. Grades K-8. 140 pages.



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George Gadanidis on “Math Surprise”